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There are two advantages to growing bonsai trees from seeds for both
beginning and experienced bonsai enthusiasts. The first is that you can grow
rare species of bonsai trees for a relatively small price and make a massive
cultivation. A pack of bonsai seeds can be purchased, on average, for under
$5. And a large amount of nurturing can be carried out at a time. The second
and the more important advantage is that once your seeds have successfully
germinated and your trees start growing, you can control every aspect of
your tree during each stage of its development and raise it into a quality
bonsai. The size, the shape and the style of your bonsai are yours to control
from scratch.
It takes about 3~4 years to grow Zelkova trees from seeds, and 4~5 years
for Hackberries before they finally grow into Shohin bonsai. You should soak
the seeds in water overnight before sowing regardless the tree species.
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6. Grafting
5. Starting from Seeds
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