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A Collection of Bonsai Masterpieces
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The Bonsai tree is a miniature piece of breathtaking natural scenery grown
in a small pot.  But it is completely different from the average potted plant.  
Pine bonsai and maple bonsai are something much more than potted pine
and maple.  While the enjoyment of potted plants comes from taking
pleasure in the beauty of the flowers, leaves, and fruits of plants, the marvel
of the bonsai tree lies in the delight gained from recreating in miniature
form of the shape of bonsai plants as seen in the natural world.
Plants in nature enjoy distinct shapes endowed by different landscapes and
climate where they grow. Bonsai seeks to present a plant's unique beauty in
a small pot. When one views a bonsai, one not only sees the plant, but also
imagines the surrounding scene. May it be the vast cypress forest where
small animals dwell and play. Or perhaps the unshakable pine trees
withstanding centuries of bitter rain and sea wind. One delights at the sight
of the tall reeds waving in the wind on the river bank and greeting the
running water under them. One rejoices at the rich fragrance of the white
gardenia flowers hanging over the stone walls in the hot sun.

Bonsai professionals devote themselves to creating bonsai works that inspire
viewers to imagine various natural scenes. You may wonder what a
professional sees when he or she is creating a bonsai. If you open up your
imagination, you will find bonsai viewing far more fascinating. Do you see in
the bonsai the elegant miniature of nature's great painting? What do you see
in the picture? A juniper tree on a mountain slope? Or a centuries-old black
pine with an enormous undulating trunk? Or a ficus tree with entwined
withered trunks?

What would you be inspired with by these views? Would you be struck by
nature's awe and fierceness? Would you be fascinated by living creatures'
perseverance? Would you relax in peace and quiescence at the view? Would
you be amazed by nature's resourcefulness? Would you suddenly realize the
span of space and the continuity of time? When a bonsai tree lets you see
the beauty and be inspired with something meaningful, it is a bonsai
masterpiece for you.
A Guide to Bonsai Basics
The Art of Nature
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Recommended Links
  • National Bonsai & Penjing Museum
--at The United States National Arboretum
Chinese Collection Photo Gallery
--Japanese Collection Photo Gallery
--North American Collection Photo Gallery
  • National Bonsai Foundation
--Japanese Collection
--Chinese Collection
--North American Collection
--The National Bonsai Foundation is a nonprofit organization established in
1982 to sustain the National Bonsai & Penjing Museum.  It cooperates with
the U.S.National Arboretum by offering financial support and advice to the
Museum. (pull-quote)
  • The National Collection
  • WWW.Bonsai 4 Me.Com
  • Dan Barton Bonsai Pots
--Bonsai Gallery [#1, #2, #3, #4]
  • Artistic Bonsai Circle
--We have included trees in various stages of development, and it hoped
that this will give help and ideas to those who are fairly new to this
most interesting hobby. (pull-quote)
  • Bonsai West
--Masterpiece Bonsai
--This is a collection of photographs which appeal to most people. This is
for folks who just want to see nice pictures. (pull-quote)
  • Penjing: The Art of Chinese Landscape Bonsai
--Photo Gallery of Penjing Masterpieces
--These photos show some of the finest penjing created by Chinese masters.
All photos were shot on location in China.(pull-quote)
  • Puget Sound Bonsai Association
--Photo Gallery
  • Bonsai Learning Center
  • Tropical Bonsai.Com
--Nia, Casuarina, Ficus, Murraya Paniculata, Hybiscus, Pemphis, Black
Olive, Brazilian Rain Tree
--Kusamono Bonsai Galleries 2007
--Kusamono Bonsai Galleries 2008
--Kusamono Bonsai Galleries 2009
--Gallery Fumiko Kato
--During my first journey to Japan I saw the first time Kusamono. I was
visiting the Bonsai Village of Omiya and the famous nurseries there. But
I was lucky to be able to see the small garden of Fumiko Kato. I think
most of the visitors could not find this place or were not aware of it. I
had never seen such beautifull grasses and flowering plants in very
special pots. This view gave me an ultimate kick... (pull-quote)
--Shohin bonsai gallery, Kusamono, Display's, Pots and more. Shohinworld
shows you the wonderful world of the smallest bonsai.(pull-quote)
--Portrait Gallery of the Larz Anderson Collection (PDF)
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Japanese apricot cultivar - Prunus mume cv.
Estimated 100 years old
Turczaninow hornbeam - Carpinus turczaninovii
Estimated 120 years old
Chinese quince - Chaenomeles sinesis
Estimated 70 years old
Japanese maple - Acer palmatum
Estimated 70 years old
Tall stewartia - Stewartia monadelpha
Estimated 70 years old
Shimpaku juniper - Juniperus chinensis var. sargentii
Estimated 250 years old
Japanese white pine - Pinus parviflora
Estimated 80 years old
Taiwan trident maple - Acer buergerianum var. formosanum
Estimated 80 years old
Japanese white pine - Pinus parviflora
Lonicera gracilipes - Lonicera gracilipes Miq.var.glabra
Tall stewartia - Stewartia monadelpha
Japanese Yew - Taxus cuspidata
Japanese beech - Fagus crenata
Chinese quince - Chaenomeles sinesis
Macranthum Azalea - Rhododendron indicum
Maple - Acer
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